Quilt Coat Class - June 15th

Sewing class to make a quilted coat

Quilt Coat Class

Pre-Class - 3 hrs: $40
Held May 30th 6-9 pm - Not required.
If you aren’t sure where to start or don't already have a quilt you’re going to cut up, please select this pre-class. We will discuss the following:
  • Sizing
  • Piecing panels for different parts of the coat (i.e. back, sleeves)
  • You can start the design process of your coat in class either on paper and drawing or get right in with sewing the panels for the different pattern pieces.
  • If you’d like to trace your pattern pieces, you can do so at this time or ask for pattern tracing paper from the instructor to trace at home. Tracing is not required. Additional fee required.

If you will be assembling your panels in class, pre-wash fabric so that it has been shrunk. You’ll also want to pre-wash your lining fabric.

Cutting and ironing stations will be provided.

Homework: Finish panels and quilting at home.

Quilt Coat Class - 6 hrs: $80
Held Jun 15th 9 - 3 (Bring a sack lunch)
In this class we will cut out pattern pieces and assemble your coat. Please come with the following ready to begin class:
  • Pattern pieces cut to the size you are using.
  • Bias tape made and pressed per instructions “Making Bias Binding”. Pre-wash fabric to shrink before making.
  • Panels quilted or quilt you will be cutting up pre-washed to shrink it.
  • Know what options you would like, if adding on a hood or collar, the add-on pattern needs to be purchased and downloaded from Grainline Studio. 
  • Matching polyester thread (cotton thread has a tendency to break with the strains clothing add to it).

If bringing a quilt to cut up, make sure it is the same amount of fabric as required for your size. Example: a 63” x 72” quilt can fit a size 16 coat with a collar.

Required Supplies:
  • Tamarack pattern for your size (there are 2 sizes available, please make sure to measure and select the best sizing). If you are unsure on sizing, please attend the pre-class.
  • If you will be adding on a collar or hood, the add on pattern (this is a PDF only and must be purchased from Grainline Studio and printed by you).
  • Sewing machine and thread (polyester for assembling coat).
  • Chalk pen for tracing pattern pieces onto panels or quilt.
  • Fabric scissors for cutting out quilted coat pieces.
  • Pins or clips
  • Normal sewing notions

Sergers will be provided with a light and dark thread for those who would like to serge your edges, otherwise your sewing machine must be able to zig zag the edges of your coat to secure the edges.

Irons and ironing boards will be provided.

Experience Level
This is an intermediate class, with sewing experience required.

Refund Policy: All sales are final. We do not accept returns unless we have shipped the wrong fabric or a notion is broken in some way. If we have shipped the wrong fabric or cut, please contact right away and we will make it right. If it was damaged in shipping, please contact your local post office to file for resolution.