Longarm Quilting

Digital Edge to Edge Longarm Quilting

Do you have a stack of quilt tops that need finishing? Send them to me and I'll get them all quilted for you. I offer edge to edge longarm quilting services. My least favorite part of quilting is BASTING! Skip that step! Send me your top and back and I'll send it back to you ready for trimming and binding.

My style tends to be modern and geometric patterns in large, loose scale. You can check out many of the quilts I have quilted on Instagram!

Pantograph Patterns

I quilt exclusively with edge-to-edge digital patterns, or Pantographs. This means the pattern will be uniform across the whole quilt. There is an endless selection of digital patterns available. If you aren't sure what you want we will work together to find a pattern you love and that compliments your quilt. Click on the button below to see all the pantographs I have available.


Quilting: $.03/ square inch. For example if your quilt is 60 x 70 inches, that would be 60x70x.03=$126 (plus Iowa tax). I have a minimum charge of $50 for small quilts.

Some designs are more dense and take much more time to stitch and for these designs I charge $.04/square inch. These designs are marked with a “Dense” sticker in the Gallery of Pantographs or in their title.

Batting: Send me your preferred batting or purchase from me. I have several batting options (on the booking form).

Digital Patterns: (or pantographs) Included, if you choose a pattern I already have. If I do not have it, I will split the cost with you. They are usually between $12-17, so your cost would be $6-8.

Thread: Included, if you choose thread I already have. I keep neutral colors on hand like white, tan, cream, navy, black, silver and medium gray. I usually have one or two shades on each color of the rainbow. If you would like a specific color, I am happy to split the cost with you. I just need a little more time to order thread.

Shipping: I will ship your quilt back to you in the most economical way possible. Costs would depend on the size of your quilt but are typically between $10-20. You may want to consider insurance as well.

Payment: I will invoice you through my website once the quilting is finished. You may pay through Paypal or with a credit/debit card.

Pictures: I take several pictures of your quilt and send them to you with your invoice. You are welcome to use them in any way you'd like.

Additional Services

Trimming: I offer trimming of your quilt for a flat fee of $10. Just let me know if the booking form.

Binding: I offer machine binding services for $0.23 per linear inch. I will sew your binding to the back of your quilt, bring it to the front and machine sew it along the edge of the binding. Include your binding already made or I can make binding from the backing or a fabric of you included with your quilt for a flat $10 service charge. If you need to purchase binding fabric, you are welcome to choose something from the shop and I am happy to add that to the final invoice.


Top: Trim loose threads from the front and back. After quilting, those loose threads inside the quilt seem to become more visible through the front. Place a pin on the top edge of your quilt if it is directional. Press your seams down and take measurement of the sides.

Backing: Please send your backing fabric with an extra 4″ on each side of the quilt. This helps me load your quilt on my machine. Place a pin on the top side of your top and back if it is directional.

Do you need backing fabric? I have several Wide Back fabrics available for purchase. I'll hold it here and use it when your quilt comes!