Libs Elliott Verdigris Fabric Bundle 24 Prints

graffiti, floral and stripe textures on gray and black fabrics

About this Fabric: "Verdigris was inspired by the beauty found in urban decay and the memories of places I've called home from the Kawarthas and Toronto to NYC and Dublin. It embraces the marks left behind and the patina that is revealed by the passage of time, which evokes a sense of comfort and familiarity." ~Libs Elliott 

100% Cotton

Fat Quarters are 18" x 22"
Half yards are 18" x 44"

24 Prints

Who It's For: This fabric is perfect for any quilt, craft or sewing project whether you are a beginner or expert. If you love graphic  and edgy designs then you will love Libs Elliott's designs. Be sure to shop our Custom Bundles of fabric for larger quilting projects. If you love Libs Elliott, you also may like Giucy Giuce.

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