Neon Glitter Star Vinyl Sticker

vinyl sticker

Get ready to add a pop of vibrant color and a touch of sparkle to your world with our Neon Glitter Star Vinyl Sticker. This sticker is a true statement piece, featuring a large star shape filled with captivating neon colors and dazzling glitter details.

Designed to catch the eye and ignite your imagination, this sticker embodies the perfect blend of geometric precision and playful artistry. Whether you're decorating your laptop, water bottle, journal, or any other surface, this sticker will elevate your style and make a striking impression. Its waterproof and weather-resistant properties guarantee that it will withstand the test of time, accompanying you on all your adventures.

Size: 2.3” x 2.5”

Materials: Die Cut Stickers are made of thick durable vinyl that protects them from scratches, water and sunlight. They are dishwasher safe too!!

Designed by Kristen Perreault

SKU: neonglitter