Stephanie Organes

Stephanie is a graphic and surface designer with a background in advertising, living in Mexico City with her husband and 2 small kids.

She became a quilter after her first child was born. She learned to sew in the search of a more profound sense of personal growth and in a pursuit of a creative outlet. At that point, she started designing beautiful, quilted accessories for her kids. Later, she created her own brand called Pretty Please.

She found in quilting a deep passion for fabric design, a way to express herself by telling stories with her collections and contribute by sharing beautiful artwork and bringing joy and positive emotions through her designs. She believes that everyday objects should be beautiful and give us a sense of accomplishment every time we see them; even more if we create them ourselves.

Stephanie is a beauty seeker at heart and love all things pretty. Each piece of her fabric collections reflects her sensibility and love for color, whimsical and, inspired by her culture and love of nature.

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