E Bond Lineage Ellen Family Line Fabric

Vertical orange, black and white stripe sections over geometric fabric


Preorder Info: This fabric is scheduled to arrive in November 2024. Fabric will be sent within 2 days of arrival at the shop. Please order separately from in-stock fabrics and other Preorder collections.

About this Fabric: "LINEAGE is the collection that arrived after spending a summer making lines and playing around with the question, ‘When does a line become a stripe?’ The patterns that resulted from those explorations became a diverse compilation of drawings and collages, reveling in the beauty of a line, whether it be simple or complex. Then, thinking about the infinite ways those individual lines could evolve into stripes. During the making of the collection, I came to appreciate that one line alone can’t be a good stripe. Stripes by their very nature are pieces gathered, like families, standing side by side, making and taking up space together in a community. This collection is also a promise fulfilled to my cousin Sarah, an amazing quilter and the ultimate lover of stripes. Years ago, she asked me to create a stripe pattern, and from that one ask LINEAGE was born. To Sarah and stripe lovers everywhere, this is for you." ~ e bond

100%  Cotton
Half Yards are 18" x 44"
Multiple Quantities will be cut continuously.

Who It's For: This fabric is perfect for any quilt, craft, or sewing project whether you are a beginner or expert. If you love abstract prints and bright-colored quilting fabrics then you will love E Bond's designs. Be sure to shop our Custom Bundles of fabric for larger quilting projects. If you love E Bond you may also love Sharon Virtue.