Thank You

Thank you for submitting the Longarm Quilt form and trusting me with your quilt!

You can mail or drop off your quilt to:

Kristen Lee

1412 Walnut Street, PO Box 277, Dallas Center, Iowa 50063

Please email me at with any questions or concerns.

Backing: Please send your backing fabric with an extra 4″ on each side of the quilt. This helps me load your quilt on my machine. Place a pin on the top side of your top and back if it is directional.




1. Edges Coming Apart?
Sometimes the seams at the very edge of the quilt come apart from handling. This can result in flipped up edges during long arm quilting. Or if your quilt has bias edges, it may get stretched out of square. If this is your case, sew a line around the entire edge of your quilt top 1/8" from the edge.
2. Give It A Good Press
Get out your iron and press the quilt top as best you can. 
3. Eliminate Loose Threads
Those pesky stray threads on the back of your quilt can show through to the top if you don't clip them. Take a few minutes to trim back any loose threads you see.
4. Which Way Is Up?
Use a safety-pinned note to mark the center of the top of your quilt. That way your pieced top and the backing will align the way you hope they will!
5. Prevent Creases
Folding your quilt top on the bias will eliminate the most amount of wrinkles possible.



 6. Is It Big Enough?
Please send your backing fabric with an extra 4″ on each side of the quilt. This helps me load your quilt on my machine.
7. Have A Pieced Backing?
If you have a seam in your backing, use a generous 1/2" seam allowance, backstitch at the ends to secure it, and press the seam open to reduce bulk.
8. Same As With The Top...
If your backing is directional, mark the top with a safety pin, then fold the backing on the bias to reduce creases.


 9. Protect It!
Put your top and backing in a plastic bag in order to prevent damage if the box becomes wet during shipping.
10. Consider Insurance
What would it cost if you had to replace all the fabric you bought to make this quilt? Let's hope it never happens!