Thicket by Alison Glass

Designed by Alison Glass

Skygazing by Giuseppe and Thicket by Alison - affectionately named together as ‘Skygazing in the Thicket’ because of a nice little story rolling around in Alison’s head about a tiny bunny who is cold but finds warmth under a beautiful mini quilt.

Each of the five prints comes in four colorways. Two are darker and two are lighter to allow for more tonal differences in your projects.

Zinnia is an all-over floral with a fluid color movement designed to give more options in one print when cutting tiny bits! Pick out a more pink part or a more yellow part depending on what you need. 

Pond is a design that foreshadows a future AG project that we especially love.

Found is like seeing a small treasure on the ground and putting it in your pocket. The tiny motifs are sized to fit inside the middle of a number of the Mini Series blocks (or anywhere else you’d like to use it). It’s perfect for fussy cutting! 

Pine and Pebble are useful textural small scale prints, great for any project.

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