Plan Your Quilting Projects

Plan Your Quilting Projects

January 02, 2023

At the start of every new year I strive to be more organized with my crafting projects. Over the years I have found a couple steps that work best for me. 

First, I have a spreadsheet to track each project and its progress. And, second, I have a project planner worksheet for each project.

I have tried to use paper planners in the past, and I just prefer the convenience of using my phone or computer whenever I am thinking about a project. I tend to forget things if I don't document them immediately.

Here is my spreadsheet I use to track my overall projects for the whole year.

Project Tracker in Google Sheets

I use the same spreadsheet each year and just add a tab at the bottom. I use the little paint can to color my boxes and track the progress. Google Sheets is super convenient for my spreadsheets because I can pull it up on any of my devices to add a quick note.

If you would like to download your own copy, there are two ways:

1. If you have a google account, you can make a copy of my spreadsheet by clicking here.

2. Or, you can download the CSV file to import in another spreadsheet app like Excel, Calc, etc. Other programs may change the formatting a bit.

I also like a worksheet to track each project individually! This is a Tracker designed by Moda Fabrics. I print copies and put one with each project.

 Project Tracker by Moda Fabrics

You can download the free PDF here.

This is a project I started in a class by Tina Curtis at QuiltCon 2022. 

 Project Tracker Example

If you are interested in more Project Tracking resources, I have gathered a few in a Pinterest board!

I hope these resources make your year feel more organized and empower you to enjoy your crafting projects.