Teeny Tiny Collage Pattern Group #2 Fox, Truck, Cow by Laura Heine

Mini Collage Quilt Patterns
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About the Pattern: Teeny Tiny Collage Patterns Group #2. Three different patterns, Cow, Truck and Fox each finish at 16 x 20 all included in one pattern! These quilts can be finished as tiny wall hangings, pillows, or stretched on a canvas and hung.

Laura Heine's Collage Quilts are constructed using Steam a Seam 2 and a layer technique. No sewing is done to construct the top. Each different pattern in the collection requires 3 yards of 12” Steam a Seam 2, 19 x 23 piece of Pattern Ease Foundation and an Applique Pressing sheet (as they are constructed on it).

If you'd like to take a class to learn how to make this quilt, register here.

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