Tula Pink Daydreamer Pining For You Quilt Kit

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Kit Includes

-11-1/3 total yards of fabric

-20 - 100% cotton fabrics from Daydreamer by Tula Pink

-30 - 100% cotton fabrics from Freespirit Designer Solids by Tula Pink

- Includes Freespirit Pinning for You Standard quilt pattern with complete instructions and color diagrams

Not Included - backing fabric

2.5 yards 108" wide fabric or

4.5 yards 44" wide fabric


ABOUT THIS COLLECTION: "When I designed Daydreamer I was five months into the Shelter in Place order in my state. I was stuck at home in the Midwest during the rainiest summer in recent memory. I did what I do best and imagined myself in another place, in another world, and I drew everything that I saw while I was there. I spent a lot of time there, it was lovely. Day-dreamer is an escape to a surreal place of make believe and wonder. Everything here is light and happy. When I first landed, I met a pair of striped legged Flamingos nibbling on the very shrimp that give them their radiant pink color. Overhead I witnessed a flock of vividly colored Macaws in all of their vibrant plumage soaring through an ombre colored sunset. An array of omniscient butterflies landed on my shoulders and fluttered their soft wings against my cheeks as a sweet welcoming hello. In the tall grass behind me lurked a family of rainbow Jaguars that sparkled like constellations under a full moon. A panorama of tiny rainbows lit up the sky and reminded me of the magic that hap-pens when the sun meets the rain. The sweet nectar of tropical fruits bloomed all around me filling the air with fresh sugary delight. Day-dreamer is like a soft warm blanket that I can wrap my mind in when it’s cold and rainy outside. I am a Daydreamer and I think you might be a Daydreamer too." ~Tula Pink


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