Giucy Giuce Fabric From the Basement Rant Bic REMNANT

Scribbles of text in black and blue ink plus little, spooky doodles on white fabric
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About this Fabric: Fabric From the Basement is the second collection of a 3 part series designed by Giucy Giuce. Imagine a quilter moving into a new home and finding a box of fabric in the basement with mysterious, scrawling messages and cryptic codes.

100% Cotton
44-45" Wide
Half yards are 18" x 44"

Who It's For: This fabric is perfect for any quilt, craft or sewing project whether you are a beginner or expert. If you love graphic designs and dark, earthy colored quilting fabrics then you will love Giucy Giuce's designs. Be sure to shop our Custom Bundles of fabric for larger quilting projects. If you love Giucy Giuce, you may also love Libs Elliott.

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